Susanne Soliman

User Experience (UX) Design Interaction Design, User Research & Product UI Design.

Susanne Soliman - User Experience / Customer Experience / Product Design / Customer Research

Los Angeles, California


I am passionate about Customer Experience Design and always strive to create smart, impactful and elegant solutions that truly improve and innovate on the relationships customers have with brands and products. I thrive on using human-centred design as a source of inspiration to solve complex Design problems bringing creativity and passion to the task each and every time.

I have won major awards for my work and my experience spans a multitude of sectors from Broadcast Media and Digital TV, to Finance, to Retail E-commerce and Start-ups.  

I bring 20+ years of experience as both a hands on Designer and Leader and have worked for integrated digital design agencies, large blue-chip companies as well as not-for-profit international organizations in Canada, Sweden, Austria, the UK and now, the USA.



  • Design Agencies and IT Consultancies

  • Investment Banks and Asset Managers

  • FinTechs & Software companies

  • Start ups

  • Media, broadcast, entertainment corporations

  • Intergovernmental Organisations (United Nations and OPEC Fund)


Recommendations from former Clients and Colleagues

Susanne changed the ethos we had around designing and building our in-house apps, bringing the whole concept of user experience to our online trading systems. She grew the user experience concept from non-existent to becoming a key component in the product development process, respected by the business. She was instrumental in helping the larger cross-functional team formulate their product vision from a user-centred approach.

From a team management standpoint, she kept team well organized, mentored, attracted and retained talented design professionals who were encouraged to be creative and flexible within the changing demands of the business requirements. Due to the nature of the business spanning 10 different financial product types and business lines, she consistently proved her ability to manage multiple concurrent deliverables, developing and implementing innovative and successful user interfaces to a common set of themes.

Her business understanding of the underlying financial products and their interaction with the wider eCommerce offering proved to strategically valuable to the team. This allowed us to develop consistent User Interfaces across the business, while catering to the underlying differences each product exhibits. Because of this skill set, she was a valuable contributor to strategic direction.
— Managing Director, JP Morgan, worked with Susanne at RBS

I worked with Susanne at RBS for two massively enjoyable years under her stewardship as the head of UX and design for RBS’s single dealer platform RBSM and it’s later successor.

Her guidance, depth of knowledge, industry and domain knowledge along with her general approach made every day of those two years a constant and fun learning experience for me.

She managed that rare and special thing of constantly exceeding business expectation whilst at the same time growing and nurturing an expanding team that all worked well together to produce our career best work.

I will genuinely miss working with her and her infectious enthusiasm, relaxed approach to tackling complex, time critical problems and her almost instinctive ability to offer alternative design solutions, direction or UX approaches.

In addition she has an innate ability to spot existing or potential UX talent. I worked with Susanne to interview new UX resources and she made the right call every time. This gives her the ability to not only deliver on a personal level but also build a team around her that can too.

I wish Susanne the very best in her next opportunity. Whether its delivering visual designs and wireframes; coordinating and managing a team, presenting back to the business, or presenting to a company as part of a knowledge share exercise, any company that employs her as a lead in their project will be surely think all their Christmases have come at once.
— Senior User Experience Architect, Worked with Susanne at RBS

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